• Rob Baker

Navico Biobase Ambassador

Updated: Feb 19

I am super happy and proud to announce that I have been selected to be a part of the Navico ProStaff team as a Biobase Ambassador. Biobase is a clever cloud-based service that uses sonar logs collected from regular fishfinder systems (Lowrance and Simrad) to produce professional-quality aquatic maps, in particular maps of submerged aquatic vegetation, bottom hardness, and bathymetry.

I am planning quite a few future posts that highlight this service and the role I believe it can play in the conservation of waterways and fisheries. Biobase has been named as a component of Navico's commitment to sustainable industrial practices. Part of my job as an ambassador is to connect water quality and fisheries initiatives in Florida to the benefits of mapping with Biobase.

"Lowrance and Simrad help you find the fish, BioBase ensures there are more fish to find!"


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