• Rob Baker

A Skiff is on the Horizon

Finally the timing is right to purchase my first boat! I have ordered a custom skinny water skiff from that should be ready in mid-September 2021. The photo shown below is from the BT website, but very closely resembles my build (photo credit to Beavertailskiffs). BT skiffs are lightweight, stiff and very well built, in addition to being one of the best priced brands in their class.

I opted for the Suzuki DF60A (60 HP) engine that seems to be the most common engine for this model. The recent success of Suzuki motors in the Skiff Challenge (1100 mile endurance race), plus some very good feedback from friends about Suzuki's service reputation, gave me confidence that I made a great choice. Performance data from a very similar skiff (in terms of dimensions and weight) suggested a cruising range of 189 miles at 4500 RPM and 12.6mpg (15 gallon tank). Top speed should be around 36mph, depending on my prop selection and how the boat is loaded.

This skiff will mostly have a simple and clean build, with a few exceptions. My role as a Biobase Ambassador ( has inspired a creative approach to rigging (and loading) a lightweight skinny water skiff like this with an excessive amount of Lowrance electronics. I will unveil the final decisions when all is done. Hopefully my choices won't add too much to the vessel draft, but no matter if they do. This boat will assume a primary role in my fishing story, but will also be used to demonstrate Biobase survey techniques and equipment setups, conduct pilot studies for Biobase, conduct actual data collection for C-MAP projects, and generally represent at the boat ramp with a full range of Lowrance fishfinding technologies.

"Life is better on the boat!"

-said someone

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