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Why I do what I do

This video narrated by Flip Pallot, one of the founders of Hell's Bay Boatworks, expresses a great deal that rings true for me.

The hook that got me into geoscience in the early '90's was a coastal geology course that emphasized nearshore tidal systems and beaches, and included a lot of weekly field trips all over the New England coast (my rowing teammates gave me hell about those trips each Saturday morning, because it meant an earlier practice for everyone). My recent kayaking in the estuaries and bays of Florida has reinvigorated my passion for those types of places. My mission for a purpose built boat of my own is to explore the waterways of Florida with exactly the same awe and wonder as Flip, and fish along the way.

Watch this video. It is really well done on a lot of levels.

The video was produced by Hell's Bay Boatworks, and what you are seeing on this blog page is simply a link to it as it resides on youtube.

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