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Another seatrout in the lagoon

It was clear to me in a recent trip to the Tampa Bay area (see previous post) that I needed to add more to my lure options. I haven't been very good at casting something out there that my target fish might be interested in. I can't knock the lures I have, but they have not been delivering fish into my story (3 total since June!). It has been tough to blog about fishing....without any fish to talk about....but as you will see in future posts that trend shows no sign of letting up.

On Facebook my little fishing groups abound with folks catching 6-8 bass or saltwater species a day, and I want to be more like that, or grumbling may become more common place.

I decided to add a few lures to the tackle kit, in particular some 3 inch baitfish-like twitching lures that look a lot like what's prey out on the flats. One lure suspends about 1 foot below the surface and can be twitched up to the surface, and one runs deeper for later in the day.

I used a variety of these options in a new setup on an early morning run out to Mosquito Lagoon ahead of an afternoon real-world job in Flagler Beach. The new setup included rigging my rod holder for trolling, and pulling a lure with a bobber mounted just above a mono leader.

It was a very windy day, with passing clouds and rain in the distance. I did a bit of trolling using a DOA shrimp but then tied off on some mangroves and tried casting into calm pools where energy conserving fish might be awaiting their next meal swept toward them by the wind.

anchored on Eldora Flats casting to low energy water in heavy wind

Here's a video of that spot.

When I left my anchored site (no catches in return for my carefully chosen tactics) and started paddling and trolling about, I switched from a DOA shrimp to one of the newer suspended twitchbait type lures. It wasn't long before I hooked a nice little spotted seatrout. It clearly struck right at the lure, and got snagged by the forward treble hooks on the gills.

It was a small seatrout and I was not happy at the damage those hook barbs caused. I plan to file them down a bit. Despite that, I enjoyed the trolling because I had a chance to cover some ground and get more exercise than I have been when in the fishing-only fever.

trolling route on Eldora Flats fishing for seatrout


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