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I started watching a TV show Saltwater Experience earlier this year. Mostly because it was a fishing show that was available with the programming package we were already paying for. I liked the show well enough, and learned a few things about fishing in saltwater that helped me develop ideas for this blog.

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One of the episodes featured a teenage girl (Chasten Whitfield) who was invited to fish with Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor, the hosts of the show. The episode is online and can be viewed for free. She put together a program to take very ill (sometimes terminally) or disabled kids out fishing, and to give them a great memorable experience. I think that idea is really cool.

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When I was at Northeastern University in Boston some 27 years ago, I took a Co-op job offered by the nursing school. The job was local and nobody else wanted it, so it was a perfect fit for me at the time while I was on the rowing team. I worked for about three months at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute for several research nurses soliciting survey data from parents of very sick kids and adult patients in another clinic. My experiences there influenced me in a lot of ways.

When I saw the episode with Chasten I knew that at some point I would write about her efforts on this blog. I know my audience is quite small as of this writing, but this post will be locked into the digital world and hopefully will push some folks to her website as long as she is up and running.

She collects contributions from people to help pay for the cost to take kids and girls fishing, mostly to pay for the gas.

Visit her website, have a look, and give if you can.

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