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Start the fishing blog on Father's Day

There isn't a better day to start posting on a fishing blog than on Father's Day. I'm lucky because I have amazing support from my wife and daughter and daughter's cat to go fishing (and to write this blog!). Just look at the card they gave me along with half a dozen new lures!

Rob's Father's Day card says "You're the Man"

My story is simple. I'm just shy of 50 years old, and only now starting to fish. This blog is going to be about my experiences learning how to sport fish here in Florida. I remember fishing with my Dad's side of the family when I was very young. It may have been my first time just shy of age 5, and I may have tossed a lure a couple of times after that, but fishing has not otherwise been a part of my life in any way.

The picture below is from 1972 near Northeast, PA not far from Erie. My sister and grandma are on the far left, and I'm on the right with my Dad.

Here I am again with blond hair and ever present bed head (LOL) and bowl cut. I remember a log poking up out in the water, and I was sure at the time it was a big fish that I was going to catch. I don't recall having any luck that day.

My Dad's fishing story is far greater, and more than I can attempt to cover here. He's been fly fishing streams and rivers for as long as I can remember. It has become a spiritual way of living for him, and I think a good one that I will try to emulate. Fly fishing deserves a finer touch and is something I am not going to attempt for a while yet until I can offer it a bit more grace.

Here's a few pics of Dad fishing the Smith River in southern VA near his home (photo secretly obtained from his wife :-). Our family went to church every week when I was young, but there simply isn't any need to when you can be in a place like this, fishing.

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thanks for everything. Go fishing!

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