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My Story Background

I remember this outing in 1972 when I was 5 years old and fished at a lake near Erie, PA. I have only now, at 49+ years of age, started to fish again.  Life got in the way, I suppose.  This blog is about my experiences learning to fish from zero knowledge, and will chronicle events through my fifties until the ripe age of 60 as I learn this amazing pastime.  Maybe in 10 years I'll know one or two things about fish and fishing for them, and hopefully my stories will be somewhat entertaining along the way.



I am going to publish stories, photos and videos about each stage of my fishing experience, with stories about the good and the bad and the odd (but all 100% truthful!).  The internet is full of resources that can tell a beginner how to fish (believe me I will rely on them) but to my knowledge there aren't many blogs written by beginners just starting out.  I'll cover everything from choosing gear and tackle to fishing from land, kayak or boat.  The plan is to fish in freshwater lakes and rivers, shallow saltwater bays and estuaries (my favorite places), and eventually offshore deep saltwater.  I'll try all kinds of techniques using plastic lures, live bait and fly fishing.

I make a living as a consulting geologist with a specialty in water supply geophysics and water quality, and travel extensively throughout Florida and the southeastern US.  With my kayak and fishing gear (almost) always on my truck, I'll blog about as many places as I can visit between paying jobs.  If you are curious about what I do for a living, visit

In April of 2021 I was elevated to the status of Navico Biobase Ambassador.  This is a kind of ProStaff position with Navico, and it tasks me with engaging folks to use Biobase and to provide tons of support so they can do so easily.  Look for Biobase specific posts tagged #biobase.


Rob Baker fishing near Erie PA in 1972

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Rob Baker fishing with sister, dad and grandma near Erie PA in 1972

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Rob Baker fishing on a rock near Erie PA in 1972

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A Note about Advertising and the Legal Stuff

Rob's Fishing Story is a personal one, but there remains the ever present need to make a living.  I started this blog with the hope and promise that the eventual result would be an interesting, popular and useful space for beginning (and experienced) anglers to sort out their issues and gain insight and have fun.  I will work and fish and blog tirelessly to that end.

We are available to discuss sponsorship opportunities with anyone interested in featuring content on our blog.

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